Hotelentertainment - the unique Show experience

Since 2014 Connecting Arts provides unique shows for Hotels in different countries. Austria, Switzerland and the greek islands are counting to the regular partners of Connecting Arts.
Our goal is it, to offer a tasteful selection of unique and highly professional evening shows to all clients and to ensure a satisfaction of all age groups, tastes and ethnicities.
Since 2019 Connecting Arts counts to the leading companies on the market in regards to providing high-level Entertainment to the partners in the Dodecanese Islands.
Every Hotel and every partner will receive only the best product, tailor-made and adapted specifically to the wishes and needs of the client and the guests.
All artists cooperating with Connecting Arts are highly trained professionals and do not only inspire the audience with great technique, tricks and outstanding costumes and equipment but - and this is the speciality of Connecting Arts - with an extraordinary amount of passion, joy and fun. 
Guaranteed an unforgettable show experience for your guests.

Our Shows

"Extravaganza" - The Best of Connecting Arts

One of our most successful Shows.
The "Best of Connecting Arts" - a colorful mixture of different dancing styles, music & costumes and special equipment. Guaranteed fun for the whole family!

"Fairy-Tale" - Never stop dreaming

The unique Hotelentertainment Show that will make you dream. Special effects of light and fire, combined with versatile dancing and acrobatics as well as with touching stories, will leave your guests breathless.

"A Worldwide Adventure"

Music and dances from different countries in original choreographies and original and costumes. The perfect Show for a multinational audience, fast and impressive for everyone!

"Welcome to the Westend" - The Best of Musicals

From "Chorus Line" and "Lion King", incooperating new movies and musicals like "The greatest Showman", "Mamma Mia", "Mulan" and many more, to classics like "Mary Poppins" and "Cabaret". 

Our Shows

"The Magical Dream"

A unique Show for families and children. Meet your favourite characters from Fairytales, Movies and Musicalmovies, such as "Little Red Riding Hood",  "Arielle and Sebastian", "The Beauty and the Beast", Elsa, Anna and Olaf from "Frozen", Princess Jasmin, Aladin and Genie

"Live in Concert"

"The Voice of Rock" George Theodorou - recording artists, Nr. 1 Single and multiple times awarded Singer, presents with his live Band an extraordinary and unforgettable show with the best of Rock, Rock´N Roll, Poprock, Classics and Ballads and Country Music. Guaranteed an outstanding evening.

"Vegas Nights"

We bring the sparkle of Las Vegas!
With the slogan "Viva Las Vegas" this show offers a lot of fun and sparkle, impressive costumes, a lot of fun and special acts.
Enjoy the glam and feeling of a Las Vegas Nights in your Hotel.